Spring Cleaning

Simple Detox

Our bodies are amazing machines with detoxing abilities.  Unfortunately, with the modern toxic load of day to day life it’s good to take some time and help your body detox.   After many articles, google searches, podcasts, and my own experience this is a list of detox options most available to us all at a low price.

Tip #1.  Water is our first line of defense when it comes to detoxing.  Try and drink half your bodyweight in ounces.  If you weigh 130lbs, you should be drinking 130 divided by 2 = 65 oz. of water a day.

Tip #2. another way to detox each month form heavy metals is by drinking a liter of FIGI water once a day for a week.  FIGI water has ionized silica in it that helps gather heavy metals and eliminate them through your urine.

Tip #3. To add to the benefit of water add a lemon, fresh, food grade lemon oil or precut frozen will all assist in the detoxification of your lymphatic system.

Tip #4. Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is a silica product that has many health benefits and can go into any liquid r over food it has little to no taste and is great at getting rid of toxins.  If you’re experiencing digestive distress due to a sickness or bad food, using Diatomaceous Earth every 3 hours will help to eliminate the issue.

Tip #5. Dry brushing is something women did years ago and the technique was passed on from mother to daughter.  We’re bringing it back as a great way to detox your lymphatic system, bring life back to skin and maybe even help smooth cellulite.

Tip #6. Add a new regimen to your morning.  Squeeze fresh lemon juice with Cheyanne pepper, and honey (optional) hot or cold your choice.  This concoction can help with detox and light up your metabolism for the day.

Tip #7. Add a new regimen to you morning.  Squeeze fresh lemon juice with Cheyanne pepper, and honey (optional) hot or cold your choice.  This concoction can help with detox and light up your metabolism for the day.

Tip#8 In a half hour of our day we can fight depression, osteoporosis, diseases, and toxicity, by simply exercising.  Blood coursing through our bodies produces Nitric Oxide our bodies own natural medicine.  We are also, building bone and muscle, elevating mood, and detoxing our bodies.  So get moving.

Tip #9  I know many of us survive on coffee.  Green tea has many antioxidants to help with oxidative stress from our environment.  Even if we substitute one of our coffees a day for green tea it would greatly benefit the toxic load on our bodies.

Tip #10.  Many people buy organic fruits and vegetables.  However, meat has by far more toxins in it than fruits and vegetables could ever have.  Livestock store their toxins in their fat.  If you want nontoxic food for your family start buying organic meat and to make it more affordable make an organic vegetarian meal once or twice a week.

Tip #11.  The best way you can detox on a cellular level is by fasting 48-72 hours a month, quarterly or every 6 months.  Your fast should be a water only and active fast.  No sitting on the couch.  The first day is tough but as you go you will begin to feel more and more alive.  When we give or our bodies a food break we reset our immune system, our old and mutated cells die off and our bodies generate stem cells.   This is not a weight loss solution as it can create eating disorders.  This is a chance to reconnect with your body and feel better.  Please make sure you speak to a medical professional before fasting.   Be on the lookout for more in-depth information coming soon about fasting.

Spring Cleaning

Benefits of Green cleaning is so beneficial in so many ways through out our home and lives. There out 2 products that I use in my home daily that I find the best and most helpful and fulfilling in more ways than just cleaning and they happen to be doTerra products, Melaleuca and On guard.

Melaleuca, my favorite, also known as “Tea Tee, is best known for its purifying properties. It has 92 different compounds and limitless applications. Its been used in countries for centuries, especially by the aborigines of Australia.

  • Renowned for its cleansing and rejuvenating effect on skin
  • Promotes healthy function when used internally
  • Ingest to protect against environmental and seasonal threats


On guard is a powerful blend that supports health immune functions and contains cleansing properties, when used internally. It protects also against environmental threats and seasonal threats with essential oils known for their positive effects on the immune system.

Both of these amazing oils can be used together with sense of your choice to create the perfect cleansers for your home, for the season, for your friends for your mood. The great think about doing green cleaning is its safe for your kids, grandchildren, pets and yourself. I encourage everyone to look into these ways and can even be cheaper ways of keeping our home clean. If anyone has any questions please call me I enjoy cleaning and would love to help you get GREEN, and CLEAN….

Spring Cleaning

We had a wonderful event on March 29th.  A gather of 25 + women and we discussed the ins and outs of spring cleaning and how it will affect your home and health.  The following is my lecture outline that I presented at the event.  Its a mis-match of Pinterest posts, literature searches, and personal experiences.  I hope you find  it helpful.


Spring Cleaning

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful

~ William Morris textile designer 1800’s


  1. Pick a spot to start
    1. Start with the flat surfaces





  1. Everything must have a home
    • Box for “other room”
    • Toys must fit in assigned baskets
    • Not every drawer or cupboards need to have anything in it
  • Sunday basket “the biggest mess in out house is paper”
    • Deal with it / File it
Keep One Yearyou don’t have to save monthly and quarterly statements once the year-end statement has arrived.

Keep Three Years

Credit Card Statements

Medical Bills (in case of insurance disputes)

Utility Records

Expired Insurance Policies

Keep Six Years

Supporting Documents For Tax Returns

Accident Reports and Claims

Tax related medical bills

Property Records / Improvement Receipts

Sales Receipts

Tax-Related Bills

Keep Permanently

CPA Audit Reports

Legal Records

Important Correspondence

Income Tax Returns

Income Tax Payment Checks

Investment Trade Confirmations

Retirement and Pension Records

Yearend mutual funds and IRA Contributions


Special CircumstancesCar Records (keep until the car is sold)

Credit Card Receipts (keep until verified on your statement)

Insurance Policies (keep for the life of the policy)

Mortgages / Deeds / Leases (keep 6 years beyond the agreement)

Pay Stubs (keep until reconciled with your W-2)

Property Records / improvement receipts (keep until property sold)

Sales Receipts (keep for life of the warranty)

Stock and Bond Records (keep for 6 years beyond selling)

Warranties and Instructions (keep for the life of the product)

Other Bills (keep until payment is verified on the next bill)



  • Decrease paper
    • Cut down on mail
      • org
      • Electronic bills
      • thedma.org
      • National do not mail directmail.com
  1. Everything must have a purpose
    • Don’t save it for later, maybe, or what if’s
    • Why do you need 4 loaf pans?
  2. Everything must be in good working order
    • If it can’t be fixed get rid of it
  3. Everything must have a label
    • You need to know what it is, how it works, and where it goes.
    • Outdated, expired
  • Prepare you mind
  • Prepare your family
  • Prepare your schedule
  • Prepare your supplies
    1. What do you need to stay organized / picked up
  • Prepare your space
  • Plan your day
    1. Chunking
    2. Plan ahead
      1. Wake up time
      2. Get moving/stretch/work out
  • Avoid black hole of technology/screen time

Procrastination thus appears to be a self-defeating behavior pattern marked by short-term benefits and long-term costs  Dianne M TiceRoy F. Baumeister

  • If it need to go, get it out FAST
    • Consider before and after pictures
    • Know where you are going to take it
      • Goodwill
      • Consign/hand-me-downs
      • I seal up the
      • I don’t share the boxes with the kids
      • I kept a tally of how many boxes I have gotten rid of
  • Don’t forget your calendar
    • pick a calendar format
    • assess your priorities
    • clear out the unessential
    • make lists and use them
    • block out time for activities/chores/etc

Don’t put off tomorrow what can be done today


Fast Metabolism Diet

Day 2


I gave the new clean eating diet 100% until dinner.  Its so much easier to heat up leftovers then to start from scratch.  Bean and Roast Strew.  Not a bad choice until I added a healthy portion of ketchup and a side of cottage cheese.  I went to bed a bit “early” for me at 9:30ish and told myself that I would get up do my fasting cardio, make a breakfast smoothy,  and prep the days food for both Jeremy and I.  The sun came up.  The alarm went off.  The covers were soft and warm.  Clean eating or cuddling with my 4yr old?  Cuddling won!

I am sure like the majority of dieters, I decided to start over tomorrow.  Tomorrow I’ll do better.  Tomorrow I’ll tow the line.  Tomorrow will be a better day.  Lessons learned; food prep is very important, dont put off until tomorrow what you can do today, and the biggest road block to health is your self.



Fast Metabolism Diet

After the holidays and unexpected medical restrictions I have put on 15lbs. This past summer I worked hard following a clean diet and exercise 3-4days a week. I was done to my pre-baby weight in 2009 and lost >10% of my body fat.

This past week as I noted my pants were more snug then usual and my toddler said he liked my squish belly I was motivated to action. I’ve used the Fast Metabolism Diet (https://hayliepomroy.com/products/the-fast-metabolism-diet) in the past with some success. I lost 7 lbs in a month. I really like this diet protocol because the meal plans support the cortisol/stress function of your adrenal glands. And, you dont have to count carbs or calories. Its all done in portions.

I’ve already hit a few road blocks that are self imposed. I’m always looking for a simple fix or substitution. “Can I use a meal replacment bar instead of a fresh fruit?” “I’m sure triscuits count as healthy carb” The answer to both of those are NO. During my lunch break I will be on my way to the store for some fresh fruit and sprout grain/seed crackers.