Myth #1: The Primary Symptom Of Low Testosterone Is Erectile Dysfunction Or Low Libido.

FALSE: Though low or suboptimal testosterone levels can contribute to changes in libido and the ability to achieve or maintain an erection, symptoms are varied and often include fatigue, apathy, difficulty concentrating, weight gain, depression, sleep disturbances and, most importantly, changes in metabolism including an increased risk for metabolic and cardiovascular disease.

Fast Metabolism Diet

Day 2


I gave the new clean eating diet 100% until dinner.  Its so much easier to heat up leftovers then to start from scratch.  Bean and Roast Strew.  Not a bad choice until I added a healthy portion of ketchup and a side of cottage cheese.  I went to bed a bit “early” for me at 9:30ish and told myself that I would get up do my fasting cardio, make a breakfast smoothy,  and prep the days food for both Jeremy and I.  The sun came up.  The alarm went off.  The covers were soft and warm.  Clean eating or cuddling with my 4yr old?  Cuddling won!

I am sure like the majority of dieters, I decided to start over tomorrow.  Tomorrow I’ll do better.  Tomorrow I’ll tow the line.  Tomorrow will be a better day.  Lessons learned; food prep is very important, dont put off until tomorrow what you can do today, and the biggest road block to health is your self.

Fast Metabolism Diet

After the holidays and unexpected medical restrictions I have put on 15lbs. This past summer I worked hard following a clean diet and exercise 3-4days a week. I was done to my pre-baby weight in 2009 and lost >10% of my body fat.

This past week as I noted my pants were more snug then usual and my toddler said he liked my squish belly I was motivated to action. I’ve used the Fast Metabolism Diet ( in the past with some success. I lost 7 lbs in a month. I really like this diet protocol because the meal plans support the cortisol/stress function of your adrenal glands. And, you dont have to count carbs or calories. Its all done in portions.

I’ve already hit a few road blocks that are self imposed. I’m always looking for a simple fix or substitution. “Can I use a meal replacment bar instead of a fresh fruit?” “I’m sure triscuits count as healthy carb” The answer to both of those are NO. During my lunch break I will be on my way to the store for some fresh fruit and sprout grain/seed crackers.