Week 1!! Send help or Coffee.


First week on prison rations… Just kidding.  Its not as bad as I was thinking.  Its hard to give up coffee and reading the fine print is very important.  I thought I was being brilliant by switching to black tea but that is a no go as well.  The struggle is real.  But I’m super happy.  Mandy and Alicia seem a bit grouchy and are p[possibly struggling with caffeine headaches but my mood is better then its been in a while.  I hope its a side effect from this cleansing diet.  


The diet was really not a big deal, if you’ve done the HCG diet, this diet is a breeze.  I kept the food list on the counter at all times so I could, 1) Reference it and 2) Keep me honest and not cheat. The big challenge for me was cutting caffeine out of my world.  I had no idea what a slave to the brew I was!!  I took it a little slow and tapered down for a few days until one day I tried it totally without.  Ahhhh!!!  Tired and a bit cranky and totally fatigued.. and not sure if this is worth it! I did it for 2 days and found out that I’m not as strong as my coworkers. I had a zipfizz to bring myself back to life and not let them find me face down on my keyboard!


The food has not been to bad. Like anything new it took sometime to get use to. It’s a huge list so you get lots of options. For me it came down to pretty much carrying the food list with me at all times to make sure I was not cheating. I had major caffeine withdrawal symptoms! Headaches and fatigue galore. For that first week I felt so blessed to have Mandy and Tammy supporting me. My husband also made his morning coffee after I left for work. It’s the little things that keep me going in these kinds of diets. I love to cook and so does my husband so we spent time developing some new recipes I’ll put mine below. Tammy has since put a great spin on it which I will also include. Other side effects included extreme thirst so I’ve been non stop drinking water. Some dry patches around my mouth (more water and moisturizer). Best of all I lost about 5lbs. The caffeine withdrawal took about 5 days and then magically I was awake and energized without caffeine. I even exercised a few times. The weekend was a challenge I cheated multiple times but decided to stay away from caffeine and start strong Monday.  

Candida Diet Baked Chicken and Pesto


Chicken Breasts (Sliced in half lengthwise)



 Italian Seasoning

Fresh Mozzarella

You can add or substitute a lot of the ingredients to your taste. Sundried Tomatoes are a great substitution. Fresh red peppers are a great addition. Add or take away seasonings. Dried red pepper adds a little spice.

Season chicken breasts with salt, pepper, garlic, and Italian seasonings. Bake until cooked (about 375 degrees for 20-30min). Then spread pesto over cooked chicken, place a slice of fresh mozzarella and tomato on top, put it back in the hot oven until the cheese has melted. That is it!! Tip: The thinner the piece of chicken the better. Chicken Thighs work great!!