Week 2!


I’m constantly thirsty and cant quiet get enough to drink.  Still in a good mood.  I’ve complete cut the caffeine and no headache to speak of yet.  I do miss the flavor and routine of my morning cup of coffee.  The family is doing the diet with me mostly.  I am preparing some carbs for the kids like quinoa or brown rice.  I thought it might be a struggle but its amazing to watch their appetites actually increase!!  I cant seem to make enough veggies to fill their bellies. 


Well, this is fun.. let the exorcism begin! The candida is beginning to leave my body–out of my armpits!! I now have a rad, itchy rash in my underarms and the tops of my hands. Using anti-fungal cream should take care of this, but I’m oddly happy its happening because it’s showing that it’s working, right? 


I’m feeling really good. It is great to have energy without caffeine. I am working out a little more. I’m consistently losing weight which is great! One downside is that I have acne everywhere I didn’t know you could get acne in your ear until now. I also was not sleeping well. I kept having odd dreams and nightmares. I finally figured out that I was not eating any sugar and that was making me weird. I have added more berries to my diet and feel much better.

Quick and Easy Smoothie!


1C Berries (Pick your favorites!)

1C Muscle Egg (I use vanilla)

A Splash of Unsweetened Almond Milk or coconut milk

Blend and Enjoy!!!

Southwest Breakfast Scramble

Chorizo Turkey Sausage



Fresh Red Peppers


Brown some turkey sausage (we use the chorizo flavor), add diced red pepper, scramble eggs, then add spinach. I like guacamole or fresh avocado on top. This can be modified lots of different ways!