Fast Metabolism Diet

After the holidays and unexpected medical restrictions I have put on 15lbs. This past summer I worked hard following a clean diet and exercise 3-4days a week. I was done to my pre-baby weight in 2009 and lost >10% of my body fat.

This past week as I noted my pants were more snug then usual and my toddler said he liked my squish belly I was motivated to action. I’ve used the Fast Metabolism Diet ( in the past with some success. I lost 7 lbs in a month. I really like this diet protocol because the meal plans support the cortisol/stress function of your adrenal glands. And, you dont have to count carbs or calories. Its all done in portions.

I’ve already hit a few road blocks that are self imposed. I’m always looking for a simple fix or substitution. “Can I use a meal replacment bar instead of a fresh fruit?” “I’m sure triscuits count as healthy carb” The answer to both of those are NO. During my lunch break I will be on my way to the store for some fresh fruit and sprout grain/seed crackers.